Credit Cash has the lowest rates of any merchant finance company.

Launch a New Marketing Campaign.
Refinance Other Debt.
Remodel, Renovate and Expand.

Increase Capital.
Buy Inventory.
Reduce Payables.

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Credit Cash provides innovative financing for companies with gross revenues exceeding $2,000,000 per year. Our managers have over 100 years of commercial finance experience and our merchant loans programs are customized to meet individual needs.

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Merchant Loans Explained

Many companies already have bank lines, pledged their assets, and even used their owner’s homes as collateral. Now, they can leverage one more asset to increase working capital…

Rate Analyzer

Some companies refer to their rates in terms of fees, or RTR. We feel it is important that you understand exactly how much you are paying for this service, whether it is from us, or…


What is this?
This is a modern innovation in working capital. We are able to lend funds to you by using your future revenue as an asset.

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