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Is this a recovery?

Many of our clients have begun seeing sequential growth after a long period of lower sales. Moreover, many have taken advantage of opportunities to expand. Starting in the first quarter of 2015, clients began feeling comfortable enough with the economy to open new locations. Whether it was taking advantage of attractive lease opportunities or buying…
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Banks turn to Credit Cash.

Several banks with loans to retailers have approached Credit Cash to assist them with some of their workouts. In two separate $1 million plus transactions, Credit Cash worked with banks in providing additional working capital to their customers. In both situations, the banks received a small portion of Credit Cash's loan proceeds reducing their exposure;…
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Credit Cash continues to lend.

Despite the economic downturn, Credit Cash has found two lucrative areas to put money to work: supermarkets and fast food. Both of these industries have shown strength during the recession and Credit Cash has proven a viable source of financing. For supermarkets on both coasts, we have provided loans to help renovate and improve working…
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Our business model works!

During these uncertain times, Credit Cash wants to reassure all of its constituents that because of its large balance sheet, and conservative underwriting, it continues to lend to both existing clients and new ones. Although other players in the merchant advance space have lost their funding, or been crippled by losses, Credit Cash is in…
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